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Turn your trees into beautiful lumber, custom-cut on site to your specifications.

Bradford Goshorn milling lumber with his portable saw mill.
A large stack of cut logs, with Bradford and large machine on the side.
Lucas saw Milling

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A High-Value Product

Turning your harvested timber into lumber is a wonderful way to honor your trees and get a valuable product to use on your projects.

Professional-Grade Equipment

We use the Lucas Saw Mill, which is known for it’s power and reliability. This is a circular-type saw that can mill up to a 22 foot log. We can also make slabs.

Professional Advice

Not sure if cutting your own lumber is the best use of your timber? We’re happy to help you assess the pros and cons. Schedule a free estimate today, and we can get the conversation started.


What Our Clients Say


“I trust Bradford not only for the quality of his work, but also for the quality and integrity of his advice. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs help with their trees or forest.”

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Matt Stern
Williams, Oregon

“Bradford of Bear Creek Forest Management has provided tree service and consultation for our rural business on several occasions over the years. We have appreciated his work and insight on how to manage our evolving mature forest property. Highly recommended!”

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Erich B.
Williams, Oregon

Have a question about our portable saw mill services in Southern Oregon?

Douglas Fir is by far the most common wood used for structural lumber. Cedar and Pine are milled for siding or other wood working. Hardwoods such as Madrone, Oak and Maple can also be milled, typically for wood working.

The connection you have with the lumber that comes from your trees is special. When that lumber goes into something like a home or other building, it gives more meaning to the project.

When you mill your own lumber, you’re not participating in the corporate, extractive economy that is industrial logging You’re also saving considerable energy and resources by utilizing a product that is local and doesn’t require shipping.

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