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Fire Mitigation and Defensible Space Services

Fire is a natural part of our forest eco-system. Let’s get you prepared so your home and property will be safer and easier to defend in the event of a forest fire.

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What’s Defensible Space?

Defensible space is a crucial wildfire precautionary measure. This space acts as a buffer around your home, slowing or stopping the spread of fire, protecting your home from igniting, and increasing the safety and ability of firefighters to defend your property.

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Assessing the Worst Case Scenario

Is your home defendable during a wildfire?

The first step is considering what could happen in a worst case wildfire event. This involves examining ingress and egress routes to ensure access and evacuation ability.

Our assessments look at potential fuel sources along access roads that could block escape for homeowners or access for fire crews.

We also evaluate your home’s defendability based on terrain, vegetation and structural characteristics. Certain homes may be difficult to defend, even with substantial work. Others could be defended with dedicated water resources.

Key Points

  • Evaluate evacuation routes and potential fuel sources that could block escape.
  • Determine home’s overall defendability based on terrain, vegetation and structure.
  • Evaluate fuel buffer from home and infrastructure.


What Our Clients Say


“I trust Bradford not only for the quality of his work, but also for the quality and integrity of his advice. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs help with their trees or forest.”

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Matt Stern
Williams, Oregon

“Bradford of Bear Creek Forest Management has provided tree service and consultation for our rural business on several occasions over the years. We have appreciated his work and insight on how to manage our evolving mature forest property. Highly recommended!”

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Erich B.
Williams, Oregon
Fire Mitigation Process I

On-site Evaluation

Onsite, we carefully analyze the property’s unique risk characteristics. Driveway access, surrounding fuel types, topography, aspect and local conditions are all examined. Structural elements like siding materials and attachments are noted.

We conduct a full 100 foot assessment around structures, looking closely at the first 10 feet of critical space. Factors like irrigated land, propane tank placement and fuel reduction practices are evaluated. Our goal is to identify specific concerns that could hamper wildfire defense efforts.

Key Points

  • Examine driveway access and ability for fire vehicles to navigate
  • Analyze surrounding fuel types like brush, grass, trees within 100 feet
  • Consider topography factors like slopes, aspect, elevation
  • Note structural attributes like siding, decks, attachments
  • Evaluate critical 0-10 foot zone and items like propane tanks
Modern home amongst a forest.
Home in woods with debris on roof - Defensible Space
Fire Mitigation Process II

Comprehensive Defensible Space Plan

After a comprehensive evaluation, we develop a customized defensible space plan. Site-specific recommendations address ingress/egress, vegetation modification, landscape practices and structural protection strategies.

We can also take care of necessary forestry work to implement the plan. With our experience and expertise, your home will have the best chance of surviving a wildfire event. Contact us today to discuss a risk assessment and plan tailored for your property.

Key Points

  • Develop specific recommendations to improve ingress/egress safety
  • Provide vegetation modification strategies like pruning, thinning, irrigation
  • Suggest landscape practices to reduce fuel sources
  • Address structural protection recommendations for siding, vents etc.
  • Implement plan through necessary forestry work

Have a question about fire prevention and defensible space?

Short answer: Most households in Southern Oregon will benefit from defensible space work.
Longer Answer: Every site is different, and the urgency of need depends on your specific site. We live in a fire eco-system, so the question is not if, but when will fire arise.

These terms are used interchangeably. In the industry, we tend to use *mitigation* as we don’t think fire can be *prevented* per say.

This largely depends on fuel type, density, topography and if work has been done in the past. Typically we can handle an acre in 1-3 days.

Southern Oregon including Williams, Provolt, Rogue River, Wilderville, Grants Pass, Applegate, Ruch, Medford and Ashland.

Yes, both Federal (NRCS) and State (ODF) grants are available. Please contact us if you’d like help obtaining funding, we have experience helping land owners with the process.


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