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Restore biodiversity, improve wildlife habitat, protect watersheds and more with expert forest restoration and management.

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Why Forest Restoration Matters?

For 200 years, our forests have been mismanaged through clear cutting and fire suppression. This has led to unhealthy conditions that fuel catastrophic wildfires. Restoration aims to return forests to their natural, balanced state through targeted stewardship practices.

Tree sprouting in a healthy forest.

Understanding Historical Forest Ecology

Prior to European settlement, indigenous peoples sculpted the landscape through controlled burning. This created open grasslands and oak savannas with thriving wildlife.

Fires prevented conifers from crowding out hardwoods like oaks. Grazing kept grasses low and fueled acorn production, a primary food source.

The Role of Fire and Grazing

Periodic, low-intensity fires helped “weed out” undesirable tree species from certain environments. This created a mosaic that benefited many plant and animal species.

Grazing herds played a similar role by eating brush and maintaining short grasslands. Together, fire and grazing mimicked natural disturbances.


What Our Clients Say


“I trust Bradford not only for the quality of his work, but also for the quality and integrity of his advice. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs help with their trees or forest.”

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Matt Stern
Williams, Oregon

“Bradford of Bear Creek Forest Management has provided tree service and consultation for our rural business on several occasions over the years. We have appreciated his work and insight on how to manage our evolving mature forest property. Highly recommended!”

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Erich B.
Williams, Oregon

Forest Restoration vs. Management

Restoration looks further into the future by returning a forest to its natural ecological state over 100+ years. This involves removing competing trees for long-term tree health.

Management addresses current issues like dead tree removal but may not have the long view of restoration goals. Both practices are needed to create balanced, fire-resilient landscapes.

Encouraging the Right Species

Through selective thinning and controlled burns, restoration encourages species suited to specific environments. On south-facing slopes and grasslands, oaks and grasses dominate. North slopes support conifers.

This diversity reduces fire risk while sustaining diverse habitat long-term. Healthy ecosystems depend on active stewardship.

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Forestry Masticator

A Powerful Tool For Forest Restoration & Management

The Forestry Mulcher or Masticator is an important tool that improves our efficiency and our results. It quickly turns brush into a beautiful mulch that improves the soil on your property. As you’ll see in this video, it can also remove and mulch small trees!


Have a question about forest management?

While there’s overlap between the two, Restoration looks further into the future for long-term health, productivity and diversity.

Management addresses current issues like dead tree removal, over-crowding or fire danger.

How does your forest look? Can you see 100 yards inside, or is your view blocked by dead limbs and crowded trees. Do you see dead trees? Has your forest ever been logged?

The answers will help determine if you need management or restoration. We’re happy to provide a free audit if you’re not sure!

This depends on different factors, but generally, our crew can handle 1-3 acres daily. We can also break work down into distinct phases to accommodate your needs.

Southern Oregon including Williams, Provolt, Rogue River, Wilderville, Grants Pass, Applegate, Ruch, Medford and Ashland.

Yes, both Federal (NRCS) and State (ODF) grants are available. Please contact us if you’d like help obtaining funding. We have experience helping land owners with the process.


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