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Bradford Goshorn pruning a large oak tree

Why prune your trees?

Tree pruning is a crucial aspect of forest restoration. Done properly, pruning improves the long-term health, structure and productivity of your trees while also enhancing your landscape’s aesthetic.

Why should certain trees be removed?

If you have dead, dying or trees that threaten infrastructure, strategic pruning or removal is often the best course of action. By removing hazard trees, you protect your family, property and surrounding trees.

Bradford Goshorn assessing a large white oak tree with climbing gear.
Proper Pruning

What are some good things to know about tree pruning?

Understanding Tree Sail and End Weight Reduction

  • “Tree Sail” refers to a dense tree canopy that has the potential to catch wind, leading to possible tree breakages.
  • Pruning is applied to reduce the tree canopy by up to a third, minimizing wind resistance and the chance of damage.
  • “End weight reduction” is another technique focused on heavy hardwoods like oaks and madrones, where horizontal growth places strain on branches and increases the risk of breakage.
  • Selective pruning at the ends of these limbs reduces their overall weight, relieving stress and mitigating potential tree failure risk.
Proper Pruning II

What about aesthetics and fruit production?

Aesthetics and Fruit Production

  • Pruning enhances tree aesthetics and plays a critical role in fruit production.
  • It helps strike a balance by allowing more sunlight to reach the fruit, boosting its sweetness.
  • Over-pruning should be avoided as it could cause sunburn, especially for susceptible fruits like apples.

Different Seasons, Different Pruning

  • Pruning requirements vary with the seasons. Winter pruning focuses on tree structure and strength, while summer pruning is about optimizing sun exposure.
  • The rule of thumb for pruning is to limit it to no more than a third of the canopy at once to maintain the tree’s overall health.

The goal of pruning is to harness nature, elevate beauty, and ensure longevity to keep trees healthy and productive.

Bradford Goshorn taking a moment to look at the camera while in a large oak tree.


What Our Clients Say


“I trust Bradford not only for the quality of his work, but also for the quality and integrity of his advice. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs help with their trees or forest.”

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Matt Stern
Williams, Oregon

“Bradford of Bear Creek Forest Management has provided tree service and consultation for our rural business on several occasions over the years. We have appreciated his work and insight on how to manage our evolving mature forest property. Highly recommended!”

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Erich B
Williams, Oregon

Hazard tree assessment & removal

Protect your home and valuable property from potentially hazardous trees.

Professional Assessment

Do you have a tree near your home that concerns you? We’ll assess the tree at no cost. And while no tree can ever be considered “100% safe,” we’ll make a recommendation based on the condition of the tree and its proximity to your home.

We also provide a hazard tree audit, where we assess the area around your home for potentially hazardous trees.

Pruning or Removal

Depending on the situation, we’ll prune the tree or remove it completely.


After pruning or removal, we’ll leave your property clean and tidy. We can chip, mill for lumber, buck for firewood or remove the wood entirely based on your needs.

Bradford Goshorn coming down from a large oak tree.

Have a question about our tree care services in Southern Oregon?

We offer proper tree pruning for safety, aesthetics and fruit production. We offer hazard tree assessment and removal. We also offer tree planting services.

How does your forest look? Can you see 100 yards inside, or is your view blocked by dead limbs and crowded trees. Do you see dead trees? Has your forest ever been logged?

The answers will help determine if you need management or restoration. We’re happy to provide a free audit if you’re not sure!

Most jobs require 1-2 days.

Southern Oregon including Williams, Provolt, Rogue River, Wilderville, Grants Pass, Applegate, Ruch, Medford and Ashland.

Yes, both Federal (NRCS) and State (ODF) grants are available. Please contact us if you’d like help obtaining funding. We have experience helping land owners with the process.


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